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This gorgeous oud is cooked up by Hossein Karimian, it's the second Limited edition design for Oriental instruments so far. This is the ultimate result of many years of expereince, innovation, sharing ideas, build techniques and developing new unique instruments. And it is my believe that if you would have the chance to compete this Oud against the others in the same class, very large number of you would walk out the door with this One. There are many custom features on this Oud, but the basis of course is the unique construction paired with the Mastergrade red cedar top .The Flamed walnut is of a very fine quality old cut and the Oud is made by the magic hands of luthier Hossein Karimian.
This oud is immensely powerful, with a headroom that seems limitless, perfect balance, a midsection that has no limits and a definition that brings only oohs and aaahs. Another great quality definitely lies in being refined, subtle and responsive, as soon as the wind touches the strings this oud starts to sing. This particular limited edition Model has a unique bracing system with razor thin braces with a x brace reinforcing the spot were normally the tonque brace is found. This allows for just a bit more crispness in the bass response, and it makes the top swing just a little more on the right places. Other features include custom Style deluxe purfling-trim matched with Curly Walnut binding, Ebony fingerboard, and Rosewood burl armrest, Brass-eyed ebony friction pegs, full hide Glue construction, 58.5cm scale length, bone Nut, and classic rosewood bridge. Check on the insane delicate details like the impressively detailed bowl-end-work and inlays around the sound holes, french-polished gloss ebony bridge, french-polished through-out, also check out the pristine look of hand cut Rossette. This oud is not just another oud, but a fully handmade work of art that is of the very highest Level of detailing and Tone. (sorry i couldn't stop writing about it!)


Bowl: Claro-Walnut with maple stripes
Soundboard: Red Cedar 5A grade
Bracewood: Red Cedar
Fingerboard: Ebony
Neck & pegbox: claro-Walnut
Pegs: Wittner
Shams: Combination of different woods
Binding: Rosewood
Scale: 58.5cm, 6 course
Finish: French polish
Top finish: french polish
Pickguard: Transparent
Strings: Oriental instruments custom set
Comes with hand-made hardcase

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