Saeed Mohammadi

-Born in Isfahan in 1970

-Graduated in 1993 from technical school and started builing Setar Instrument
-1998 made aquintance with Master Luthier Ghanbarimehr and started as a student to learn building instruments from The Master
-1999 began to make Shourangiz instrument

-2002 started learning the art of Mehkari (Complicated inlay on wood paaterns)

-2003 began building Barbat at Master Ghanbarimehr workshop

-2006 Based on the idea of master Ghanbarimehr, designed the made of brass string holder used at the nut section of an oud/barbat instrument

-2007 started building Ouds at the presence of Master Ghanbarimehr

-2008 designed a new bracing system for oud instrument which improved the sound quality and volume

-2010 received the UNESCO Medal of Quality in fine Arts

-2014an updated and newly designed bracing system for oud, barbat and setar which actually is the grail bracing system that Saeed have done extensive research to achieve it.

With finally finding out the pinnacle of bracing system in instruments to produce that mojo every player looks for it, his waiting list for instruments as always becomes longer and longer. 


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