• African Blackwood Oud by H. Karimian/SOLD!!

    While these days everywhere CNC and laser machines rule, Hossein Karimian still build and cut every little millimeters of his instruments by hand & hand-tools, and this gives his instruments a magical touch of luthiery…
  • Zebrano Oud By Hossein Karimian/ IN STOCK!SOLD!

    This gorgeous oud is cooked up by Hossein Karimian, it's special Limited series for Oriental instruments. This is the ultimate result of many years of expereince, innovation, sharing ideas, build techniques and developing new unique instruments. And…
  • Hamid Ghorbanzade Flamed Walnut Oud/Sold

    If you've ever heard of Hamid Ghorbanzade, you already know the pedigree of this Oud. Let's take a look at this cadillac of Ouds, the 2014 Ghorbanzade made oud, pre-owned and played by the famous…
  • Fully Ornamented Oud By Mohammadi Bros

      This Oud is new and in unplayed condition coming from a collector's safe. Having such a Mohammadi Bros Oud in store is about the rarest opportunity on the planet. In Iran they're regarded as…
    SKU: 951
  • Setar By Hossein Karimian/In Stock!

    Setar Made By Hossein Karimian This is one awesome creation of Hossein Karimian. One gorgeous Setar with the same built & sound quality as we always get from him. Condition is NEW! The two common…
    SKU: 949
  • Tar By Mohammadi Bros/In Stock!

    Mohammadi Bros and their instruments need little introduction these days. Having built for an army of the best players, their instruments are now legendary. But why? Tone and craftsmanship, that's why. This Tar fully made…
    SKU: 913
  • Alt Kamancheh /In Stock!

    Alt Kamancheh By Mohammadi Bros As always perfect and well thought of every last detail & sounds Amazing! New! Tuning: Sol, Do, Fa, Si (From bottom to top) Link to a professionally played Mohammadi Bros. made…
    SKU: 549
    €1.850.00 €1.350.00
  • Fully Ornamented Barbat In Stock! Sold!

      Fully ornamented barbat made by Mohammadi Brothers This is one of the only two made fully ornamented barbats which so far has left their worshop. This barbat is the ultimate art of instrument making…


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