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If you've ever heard of Mohammadi Bros, you already know the pedigree of this Oud. Let's take a look at this cadillac of Ouds, the 2016 Mohammadi bros oud. This Oud appointments shine in pristine glory: delicately-colored Rosewood trim surrounds the body and rings the soundhole.
If this oud were any prettier, i'd rent it out for beauty pagents rather than sell it outright--but that would be a dishonor to the voice that lurks beneath the flawless surface. One strum of the strings reveals that the Engelmann Spruce top and Old indian Rosewood back have been consistently matched and sound magnificently. An anomaly, we know, not really what you expect, but where there's a will there's a Mohammadi Bros. Given that he's an absurdly talented Luthier, he was probably thinking of how to make this oud sound the best.
Once plucked, you'd better hold on for the ride: the voice is ferocious, with a well-defined low-end and treble notes to put a songbird to shame. I practically guarantee that whatever tune you decide to play on this Oud, you'll never want to hear it from another Oud, again.

This oud is flawless, and the voice makes me want to throw away all my ouds and snag this one for myself. The Indian rosewood is top notch, and what a top! Mohammadi Bros voiced it with the magic touch for responsiveness and projection.

This oud has a light and airy quality that I really like with some of the nicest Indian rosewood I've seen. Playing brings out the clarity of the instrument with each note within the chord heard as loud as the next and imagine this oud still needs to be played te open up!


Engelmann Top:
Engelmann is also known as white spruce. It is usually visually distinguishable from Sitka by its creamier complexion. We're almost out of the “good stuff.” Engelmann trees these days are so small and twisted that we get a fair amount of runout (grain that doesn't run parallel to the surface) and as a result, mismatched tops.

Sonically, Engelmann has a mature tone, and yields a slightly richer midrange than Sitka, which makes an oud sound a bit older. Old growth Engelmann tends to have a sonic attribute of smoothness or refinement to it, but the days of older growth Engelmann trees are essentially gone for now. Good news is that these tops can get matured and old on an instrument, when so, it is difficult to beat that instrument.

The Cedars and Redwoods do not develop dramatically over time like the Spruces. This is primarily because the Spruces contain resins that continue to dry and harden over many years. Cedar and Redwood don’t have resins and sound pretty well developed right off the bench. All Ouds will break in and develop regardless of resin content by virtue of playing and vibration through some magical realignment and relaxing of the wood fibers and molecules. All very scientific!

Bowl: Indian Rosewood with maple stripes (Number of branchlets:21)
Soundboard: Engelmann 5A grade
Neck: one piece walnut
Pegbox: one piece walnut
Tuning pegs: Rosewood
Binding: Rosewood
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Rosewood
Nut: Ibex horn
Saddle: Bone
Armrest: Rosewood
Finish: All around Shellac/French Polish
Rosette: Walnut
Pick guard: Transparant
Scale: 58.5cm, 7-course

Comes with handmade hardcase.


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