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This 2018 Hossein Karimian oud is a work of art fit to breathe new life into your compositions--and your collection. Plucked harmonics yield haunting overtones, and the trebles shimmer with a focused edge, but don't overpower the balance between the bass and middle registers, which are themselves expressive and rich. And how could the voice be any less resplendent? Karimian blessed the gorgeous Padauk wood, with an Torrefied German Spruce top to ensure the tone of this oud. The tone of this beauty is comprehensive, articulate, and inspirational.
Designed to be the perfect oud in mind, this oud maintains the elusive crispness, thanks no doubt to that Torrefied Spruce top and the unflagging craftsmanship of Karimian Ouds. If you're looking for an oud that inspires as much for its appearance as its voice, your search is over: this "girl" is plucked for you.

Make sure to check the soundsample of this beauty:


About torrefied wood:
It takes years for a new spruce to break in, to develop its tone and realize its full potential. As tonewood ages, its cell structure goes through changes, becoming much more resonant and responsive. After a few years, you get the payoff: you begin to hear the sound of a vintage Oud.

With the introduction of torrefied woods, professional builders are giving their instruments a head start on tone. The wood is heat-treated in an oxygen-free kiln, making it highly resonant and extremely stable. It's as if the wood is pre-aged. It looks and sounds like wood that's been broken in for many years!

Bowl: Padauk wood with Curly maple stripes
Soundboard: Torrefied German Spruce
Neck: Padauk wood
Pegbox: Padauk wood
Tuning pegs: Rosewood
Binding: Herringbone
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony/Padauk
Nut: Bone
Saddle: Bone
Armrest: Walnut Burle
Finish: All around Shellac/French Polish
Rosette: Walnut/Maple
Pick guard: Transparant
Scale: 58.5cm, 6-course

Comes with solid hardcase!

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