Masoud Mohammadi

-Born in Isfahan in 1969

-Graduated in 1992 from technical school and Architecture in industrial machinery

-1993 started making instruments

-1998 made aquintance with Master Luthier Ghanbarimehr and started as a student to learn building Tar instruments from The Master

-2000 began to make Gheychak instrument in three different scales

-2002 started making Rabab instrument in three different scales and designed some corrective changes in rabab building, to name a few: Placing an armrest and building the sympathetic string in two row at the same level as the main strings to be easily reachable for tuning. Desiging a 2 full Octave and 2.5 octave Rabab. 

-2003 began building Barbat at Master Ghanbarimehr workshop

-2006 Based on the idea of master Ghanbarimehr, designed the made of brass string holder used at the nut section of an oud/barbat instrument

-2011 received the National Medal of Quality Rabab instrument from the Ministry of Culture and Arts

As being trained and supervised by Master Ghanbarimehr, Masoud is an absolute master luthier in building Rabab and Tar instrument.


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