Mohammad Mohammadi

-Born in Isfahan in 1984

-Graduated in Mathematics and Physics science

-1994 started to learn the basics about instrument building at his brothers workshop

-2001 begand building instrument as profession

-2007 started to make specifically Kamanche And Gheychak instruments

-2010 received the Medal of Quality in Handmade instruments from the ministry of culture and fine arts

-2015 started making Baroque style and traditionla style Bow

-2018 started building 3/4 Gheychak

-In the past years of making instruments, there has been a lot of corrections and improvement applied to the traditional desgn of Kamanche and Gheychak by Mohammad including: improvements in String holders at bottom and up (original design by Master ghanbarimehr), Improvements in shape designs of kamanche and gheychak which makes these instruments much easier to play.

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