Yahya Oud Black & White Walnut/SOLD!

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Another masterpiece from Yahya Astrakie.

This iranian oud is made of Black & White walnut which is been bookmatched in a stunning way!



Bowl: Walnut

Soundboard: German spruce 5A

Tuning pegs: Rosewood with brass eye

Brigde: Walnut

Shams: Rosewood

Fingerboard: Ebony

Neck & pegbox: Walnut

Pickguard: Rosewood with inlay

Scale: 58.5 cm

Comes with a hardcase & a soft-padded carrying case


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Buyer's comment:

"Hi Morty
Many thanks to you for your excellent service - it came as quickly as it would have done from a British retailer, and while my dustpan and brush is still feeling the strain from clearing up all those little green foam things, I can't fault your commitment to ensuring the oud remained safe and secure in transit.
The oud sounds amazing, the sound-sample on your site do no justice to be honest.
Tim from Engeland"