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Yahya ouds might look beautiful, but they're not just for show. They are great instruments designed to make great music. With each one, his goal is the same – to build an oud that will come alive in the hands of the player. Yahya draws inspiration from the great ouds of the past and from the great players in the present who choose to use their instruments. Pick up a Yahya oud and i'm certain that you'll feel inspired too, because his ouds are made to be played.

With this custom wood oud, Yahya has delivered yet another master made oud. And again he's gone out of his way to create something that looks, feels and sounds authentically unique.

The oud features beautiful London Plane wood back & neck with ebony stripes and pegbox with ebony binding , 5A Sitka Top, Ebony fingerboard, Rosewood bridge and Binding and tuners, bone Nut and nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Action at the neck joint is 3mm bass side-2.5 treble side and yet definitely no buzz!
The top is not finished. Scale is 58.5 cm.

The tone that this oud produces, is mindblowing, you've got everyting from a warm, balanced low end, a powerfull and rich midrange and a creamy, fresh high end to top it all of. Playability is smooth. the oud fits just like your favorite t-shirt (or dress) and before you know it, you'll be playing your favourite Maqams with ease.

Comes with a sturdy Hardcase.

Price: € 1600 Shipping included!

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 Buyer's comment:

"Morty received me at his home, where I tried several beautifully made ouds and barbats. I longly hesitated between two ouds from Yahya Astarakie. Finally I bought the London Plane model. The sound and the craftmanship are both really great. I received the oud at home a few days after ordering, very well packed in a good case. I recommend for the quality of its service and the beautiful choice of instruments it offers.
Best regards,
Gaspard from France"