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Yahya Astarakie puts an emphasis on building the highest possible calibre of Oud intended for the performing professional. Innovation plays an important role in the evolution of his Ouds; each is crafted to best suit the distinctive needs of the individual player.
This Oud is new, built in 2015, and will be in stock by feb. 2016. I've grown in the past years to love his craftmanship, attention to detail, and top-level quality he puts in each and every one of the instruments he builds. It features Tropical Mahogany back with maple stripes , a beautifully colored Italian Spruce top, Tropical Rosewood bindings, mahogany neck with an elevated ebony fingerboard which increases access to the upper registers.Tuning Keys made of rosewood, 58.5mm scale length, rosewood bridge, Rosewood pick guard with his identical Yahya inlay, rosewood soundhole rosette and shams, and mahogany pegbox.
Soundwise the oud has amazing projection, a clear, full bodied and balanced voice with an outspoken but not predominant low end thanks to his mahogany body, a beautiful, kindly voiced mid section and high end which can sound very rich depending on the players style. All in all as far as ouds go, this one is way up there on my list when it comes to both build and sound quality. Comes wih hardcase.

Price: € 1500 

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