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Mohammadi Bros and their instruments need little introduction these days. Having built for an army of the best players, their instruments are now legendary. But why? Tone and craftsmanship, that's why. This Tar fully made of very old log of walnut is extremely loud and clear as a bell. Come find out what all the fuss is about!

Mohammadi Bros. instruments are always a treat to play. They are extremely lively and strong. This Tar is no exception, it has a big voice and plays great. Word has spread about the greatness of their instruments since so many great players in Iran and outside Iran have had the chance to have their own.
This Tar is one of those hard-to-come-by Mohammadi Bros's Tars that everyone is always on the lookout for and a great one.

Beautifully mirrored old log Walnut body and neck completed with an awesome looking inlay in between camel bone finger board, makes this instrument one of their custom made versions.
Pegbox is also made of walnut with traditional style of using friction pegs.

Comes with handmade hardcase!

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