Oud Bl. & White walnut By Yahya/Sold!

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Finally the twin sister of earlier sold Bl. & white walnut made by Yahya is finished. And this one is probabely the last one of this gorgeous looking Walnut.

This one has other appointments than the sold one. The bowl is almost exactly the same pattern but has a one piece Ebony neck and extremely dark walnut pegbox which looks awesome to my humble opinion. And also worth to mention that this oud is the first oud that comes out Yahya's workshop with french-polish finish!

In Stock!


Body: Black & white walnut
Binding: Rosewood
Fingerboard: Ebony
Neck: Ebony
Tuning pegs: Rosewood
Peg box: Black walnut
Soundboard: German Spruce 5A
Bridge: Rosewood with a thin layer of ebony on top which works as saddle
Nut: Bone

Scale: 58.5

Comes with hardcase & a soft-padded carrying bag

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