Mohammadi Bros Black Walnut Oud/ Pre-owned/SOLD!

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Here i have one master class Oud made by Mohammadi bros to offer.

This oud is one year old and played a lot, the ex-owner just sold this oud because he has upgraded to more luxurious Mohammadi Bros oud, the famous fully ornamented version.

The general condition of the oud is just like new. The bowl is as clean as a baby and the soundboard shows some tiny dings.

In the pictures, i have tried to show them as closely as possible. Please pay attention that the pics are close-up, these dents are not as remarkable as in the pictures with naked eyes!

This oud has had a wooden pickguard and is removed professionally by Mohammadi Bros himself but the silhouette of the pickguard is still visible and that's because the wood has not seen any light where the pickguard was attached. This goes away as the time passes by as the wood absorbs light again!

This oud has also some custom appointments to name:  Binding, Pegbox face ornamentation, Inlays on the back of neck and pegbox

Playability is excellent with excellent action (at neck-joint treble side 2.5mm and the bass side 3.5mm). It has excellent clarity and great warmth.


Bowl: Black Walnut
Neck: Black Walnut
Pegbox: Black Walnut
Pegs: Rosewood
Binding: Custom complicated mohammadi style binding
Shams: Hand-cut walnut
Rosette: Custom Mohammadi style beads
Brace wood: Red Cedar
Fingerboard: Ebony
Soundboard: Red Cedar 5A grade
Glue: Hot hide Glue
Scale: 61 cm
Bridge: Rosewood
Nut: Ebony
Finish: Shellac ( French-polish)
Top finish: Yes, Shellac ( French-polish)
Hand-made Hardcase: Included

Owner's comment:

"Dear Morty,

since one week, I'm getting close to the Mohammadi Bros. custom oud, you sold me, and I'm very happy with it!
From the beginning on, I loved it's well balanced, noble sound, but yesterday, after changing the strings, I was very surprised about it's growing and getting more bright! Really phantastic!
I like the exellence of woodwork as well as the design specialitys of Mohammadi. The special kind of saddle to mention one, is really able to make tuning more smooth and precise ...
Thank you for a good deal!

All the best,


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