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One unique iranian oud made by Masoud Mohamadi
Great workmanship comes together with a great sounding oud.
This oud is in stock! Soundsample is been taken with a cellphone, so the quality is not as it should be, it's just for giving you an impression.

Already a waiting list of 1,5 year!


Body: Wengé wood with curly maple stripes
Binding: Curly Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony with mahogany binding
Neck: Wengé
Tuning pegs: Ebony
Peg box: Wengé with curly maple binding
Soundboard: German Spruce 5A
Bridge: Rosewood with a thin layer of ebony on top which works as saddle
Nut: Bone

Scale: 58.5

Comes with hardcase & a soft-padded carrying bag

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