Masoud Agha Mohamadi Indian Rosewood/Maple SOLD!

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I have been a great admirer of Masoud Mohamadi for many years, his Artistry is unique as well as the tone of his Ouds. Many of his Clients know this, and that's why his waiting list becomes longer and longer.
The voice of this oud is unique. Back and sides are rosewood. The top is made of European spruce, and the tone is sheer magic, finding words for it is hard, but also falling in love is instantly, as if you start a new relation with a 20 year younger wife and she replies to your advances in a passionate way (sorry ladies). Tonally amazing with unmatched clarity and depth, sweet, and appealing overtones. The neck, pegbox and bridge is of the same rosewood. Amazing tone-woods matched by the Master luthier, although he doesn't like me saying this, I'm quite sure many will agree with me. He's not only able to create a fabulous looking and sounding instrument, but also to put life into it, able to create an instrument that creates a tone beyond your wildest imagination. Equally important is the beauty of this unique instrument. A typical 'Masoud Mohamadi design' with delicate lines, impressive detailing, yet minimalistic and very appealing almost like a carefully composed painting. I got four of his ouds in stock two weeks ago, all already sold and were claimed upfront. One still to come is the Wengé version.

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Body & neck: Indian Rosewood with maple stripes

Pegbox & Shams: Indian Rosewood

Bridge: Rosewood with ebony top

Nut: Bone

Soundboard: European Spruce grade 5A

Tuning pegs: Ebony

Binding & Purfling: Rosewood/Maple/Rosewood

Soundhole inlays: Rosewood/Yew red

Fingerboard: Ebony

Body Finish: Nitocellulose

Top is unfinished!

Pickguard: Burlwood with flower inlay

Scale: 58.5cm

 Strings: Oriental Instruments Custom Version set

Comes with hardcase

Price: € 2500