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How many times you see these beauties shows up for sell. The jumbo size Mohammadi Bros ouds are all locked up in collector's safe. This makes them even more wanted.

If call this an excellent sounding & the holy grail Jumbo Size Mohammadi Bros oud, It would be understating the beauty of this oud. This Oud rocks!

Feels great, Looks great and has that typical 7 year open played-in feel and typical character only old matured Oud has. The Oud's body and top is mint clean with of course the patina of 7 years of careful playing. True to its name, this oud sounds like a cathedral. The tone is rich and full with lots of bass. This is a great solo & band instrument that will satisfy your soul. As always this Mohammadi Bros oud provides a big orchestral quality to its sound.This is a monster of an oud. From the huge bass notes to the array of overtones and slick, classy action, even wrong notes sound amazing!

All original finish, straight grain walnut back with scalloped ribs(see picture) and beautiful 5A grade Canadian red cedar top. No repairs of any kind except finishing touch at the edge of pickguard near to the main soundhole(See Picture). The Oud features the most sought after Jumbo Size Mohammadi Bros (61.5cm scale)which is not any more produced, Red cedar top, Curly walnut neck, striped ebony fingerboard and Rosewood bridge, original rosewood friction pegs, bone nut and ibex horn saddle. Shellac matt finish, also the soundboard!

The Cedars and Redwoods do not develop dramatically over time like the Spruces. This is primarily because the Spruces contain resins that continue to dry and harden over many years. Cedar and Redwood don’t have resins and sound pretty well developed right off the bench. All Ouds will break in and develop regardless of resin content by virtue of playing and vibration through some magical realignment and relaxing of the wood fibers and molecules. All very scientific!

This is a unique chance to own a Mohammadi Bros oud without waiting for 3 year!

The oud comes with the original hnd made hardcase plus a soft-padded carrying gig-bag.

Sound Sample will be soon uploaded!


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