Iranian Oud By Yahya/Wengé With Maple Stripes/SOLD!

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Here is again another beautifully made Wengé oud by Yahya, simple yet gorgeous looking. The sound of this beauty is nothing less than as impressive as it looks.

This one was ordered and already pick-up by the happy customer!


Body: Wengé with maple stripes
Binding: Rosewood
Fingerboard: Ebony
Neck: Wengé
Tuning pegs: Rosewood
Peg box: Wengé
Soundboard: German Spruce 5A
Bridge: Rosewood with a thin layer of ebony on top which works as saddle
Nut: Bone
Scale: 58.5
Finish: Shellac

Comes with hardcase & a soft-padded carrying gig-bag!

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