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Rosewood Oud by Mohammadi Bros

Mohammadi Bros is a Isfahan/Iran, based luthier and has earned a great and worldwide reputation for their amazing traditional instruments. They are considered one of the utmost important Iranian instrument makers of this era- if not in the world. Their instruments are made with meticulous attention to detail. This is possibly the top of the line Mohammadi Bros, the Standard model oud, but nothing standard about it. Gorgeous- perfectly quarter sawn straight grained indian rosewood back matched to a Mastergrade Adirondack spruce top, A beautiful walnut neck and ebony fingerboard. Over the years - selling hundreds of quality instruments - i learned it is maybe easy to find a good sounding Oud if you start looking for them. But if you don't accept 'good' as good enough, you have to start digging, and digging deeper.

Hard to find ouds from makers who make no more than between 10 and 15 ouds each year. This beautiful Oud is detailed to perfection, the clarity is unmatched, the overall sonic impression of the oud is simply 'overwhelming'. The incredible depth fights with the heavenly overtones for attention, and the strong midrange and perfect balance makes this oud definitely one of the most appealing ouds in my shop, and surely one of the appealing ouds available in the world today. Stylish, perfectly balanced and with a depth that is incredible!

Adirondack Spruce Top
Origin: North America

Adirondack spruce has a “springy” quality. Acoustically, it produces a robust output and more dynamic range than Sitka, which allows it to be driven aggressively for greater volume without distortion. The midrange tones also tend to have a richer, sweeter quality.

Also known as Eastern red or Appalachian spruce. Its availability is beginning to increase slightly, as another generation of trees matures, although they’re still considerably smaller than their old growth forebears. Current supplies of Adirondack tend to lack a certain aesthetic purity of look (they tend to be wider-grained and more irregular in color and grain patterns), but tonally, Adirondack is even more dynamic than Sitka, with a higher ceiling for volume. The payoff is the ability to drive an Adi top hard and hear it get louder and louder without losing clarity; it’s hard to outplay it.

Another sonic nuance is its "an undeniable sweetness in every note, especially in the mids."

The Cedars and Redwoods do not develop dramatically over time like the Spruces. This is primarily because the Spruces contain resins that continue to dry and harden over many years. Cedar and Redwood don’t have resins and sound pretty well developed right off the bench. All Ouds will break in and develop regardless of resin content by virtue of playing and vibration through some magical realignment and relaxing of the wood fibers and molecules. All very scientific!


Bowl: Indian Rosewood with maple stripes
Neck: Walnut wood
Pegbox: Walnut
Nut: Ebony
Bridge: Rosewood
Saddle: Bone
Fingerboard (Extended): Ebony
Pegs: Ebony
Number of branchlets: 21
Soundboard: Adirondack (grade 5A)
Bracewood: Adirondack
Rosette: walnut wood
Binding: Herringbone
Bracing: arabic/persian
Finish: french polish (shellac)
Top finish: French Polish
Pickguard: Transparent
Scale: 58,5cm, 11 strings
Strings: Oriental Instruments Custom set
Comes with hand-made hardcase and a soft padded carrying case

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