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This Oud is new and in unplayed condition. Having a new Mohammadi Bros Oud in store is about the rarest opportunity on the planet. In Iran they're regarded as the finest luthier not to mention that they are respected for their passion of instrument-making worldwide.

Solid padoek back is made from very old log, cut in the 1930's. If one Oud is considered the Master Class Oud, then it is this one.

The soundboard is a 5A grade Torrefied German spruce.

About torrefied wood:
It takes years for a new spruce to break in, to develop its tone and realize its full potential. As tonewood ages, its cell structure goes through changes, becoming much more resonant and responsive. After a few years, you get the payoff: you begin to hear the sound of a vintage Oud.

With the introduction of torrefied woods, professional builders are giving their instruments a head start on tone. The wood is heat-treated in an oxygen-free kiln, making it highly resonant and extremely stable. It's as if the wood is pre-aged. It looks and sounds like wood that's been broken in for many years and with the master luthier like Mohammadi Bros, the ultimate Oud will be created!

Immense power combined to unlimited headroom, with a definition and clarity beyond words.This Oud is ordered 3 year ago by Oriental Instruments and now this beauty is ready to go to his new home.

Worth to mention, this Oud will hold up in the mix, and record very well. Beautiful powerful rounded trebles, deep and warm clarity in the bass, and a pumping mid. A very versatile Oud as well, it's like speeding with a Porsche on the race-track. A true ''Grand Oud" with simply gorgeous look and impressive tone. Comes with handmade hard case. Unique instrument and a unique chance to own a dream for lifetime.

 Better pics will be online when this beauty is in stock.


Body: Padoek with Complex herringbone pattern inlay of mulberry, padouk and maple

Neck & Pegbox: Walnut with inlay on the back of neck and pegbox face

Tuning pegs: Ebony

Fingerboard: Ebony

Shams: Walnut

Binding: Intricate inlay with brass, Rosewood & Ebony

Bridge: Rosewood

Nut: Ibex Horn

Saddle: Bone

Scale: 58.5

The oud is 7-course

Strings: Oriental instruments Custom Set

Comes with hand made hardcase.

 Price of this instrument right now is € 11000 plus 3year wait!

More info, please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Buyer's comment:

"Dear Morty,

It is a very beautiful oud with a very high level of craftsmanship. I love the clear, warm sound
yes, the oud is sold. I can't keep my hands off it.... it has a very special feel about it and the sound like something between an arabic and a floating bridge oud - maybe that's the sound of Persia! Anyway I am totally in love with it.
all the best
Glynn" 11-12-2015