Hello Morty,

Incredibly beautiful! my new friend has arrived today! Thanks to your careful container, the products are all right.
The sound is perfect too, I must practice hard to let the instrument sing pleasantly. I began playing oud with a very cheap one which took me too much time to tune. But from now I’m sure every exercise will be pleasure.

Thank you very much for every effort on your work. I appreciate both you and the maker.

With kind regards,
K. M from Japan


Dear Mr. Morty
The oud is arrived! I was surprised that the shipping was so fast. I really appreciate your help and kindness. It's very beautiful and so lovely oud! The sound is so briliant.
And these pegs are very useful and good!

I love this oud,
Good instrument make my life so beautiful.

H.H from Japan 10-03-2019


Both of the Hossein Karimian ouds I've purchased from Oriental Instruments are of highest quality and were fairly priced. They are structurally excellent, having best quality woods, with a great concern for artistic beauty. Karimian includes many non-standard "modern" features, including Wittner pegs (superior to friction pegs), french polish, transparent pick-guards, attractive arm rests, and a tuning cycle at the peg box in the same order as the strings, low to high. I recommend both Hossein Karimian and Oriental Instruments.

G.N. From CA, 14-03-2019



Dear Morty,
Today afternoon I was able to receive the OUD. This instrument is wonderful. I like it very much. I appreciate everything.

A. Seta from Tokyo, Japan 12-02-2018


Yes ! I just unpacked it and it is amazing ! Thank you so much for yet another fantastic instrument ! Thank you for all you help and effort ! 

best, nathan K. From Maine USA 28-02-2018


After a long research in the middle east I reached your online shop and saw the light.
The persian ouds are magical as they are made by a magical people. They have clear sustainable tone that is different than Arab and Turki ouds.
Your shop is a place of quality, not only the instruments that you sell, but the personal service.
You are a true friend!

Zvi K. From Israel 12-01-2018


I just purchased a beautiful Persian Gheychak from Morty at Oriental Instruments and must say he was an absolute joy to work with. Not only professional but also very knowledgeable and friendly. He has some of the nicest Persian string instruments I have ever seen and I hope to eventually purchase a Barbat from him.

T. Green, from USA 27-11-2017


"My apology if I missed feeding back on my experience shopping from
your website, which was great and I am still using the products I bought
from yourselves and will of course be coming back if I need any more stuff.
I already talked to other friends about your products and services and I am
sure some have already bought something or browsed through your site.
I am still a frequent visitor to your site admiring some of your fine instruments
and hopefully one day I will buy one."
Awad Absin "Oud player, singer"

"A+++ for http://orientalinstruments.com
I always purchase my instrument accessories from https://orientalinstruments.com/
as they have the best price according to other online shops. The quality of the
frets are very good as my master confirmed that plus they do very quick dispatch.
Their customer service is great." 
Kaveh from London

"Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! The Tar (Mohammadi Bros) is really wonderful,
sound is great,Iam so happy.Tausend Danke schön!!"
Wahed from Austria


"Thank you very much for your concern of their whereabouts and offer of potential
replacement, it is all good and I'm looking forward to restringing very soon. The
customer service is really appreciated.
Thanks again and kindest regards,"
Gemma from Australia

"Two weeks after receiving my Barbat made by Mohammadi Bros, I have not yet discovered
the full palette of sounds of this great instrument. Wide dynamic
range and the longest sustain I have ever heard on a Oud. And it
is a smaller Barbat ! Beautiful basses and treble from delicate to
brilliant. This instrument is easy to play and ornaments are direct.
Probably the guitar-like bridge on a perfect top and the well adjusted action.
The woodworking is very delicate, refined and elaborate, choice and adjustment
of the woods. And the varnish too, thin and applied with the utmost care.
Nut is really innovative and efficient, allowing an easy tuning, rare on Ouds.
It is a masterpiece!"
Alain from France

"The instrument arrived safe and sound.
I gave it a good polish and it came up beautifully.
After it settled for a day, I began playing it. Sounds great
and airy compared to my other shourangizs.
This one looks to be a bit older than a year and sounds very open and developed.
Thank you so much for your help in letting me know when an instrument comes in like this."(Mohammadi Bros Shourangiz)
Honaki from US

"Not what I expected...! TEN-THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!!!! ;-)What a sound, and the workmanship! Photographs can't do it justice!!!Such a deep yet clear tone with a sustain that just goes on and on. Very little nuance you can get out, every hammer-on or pull off no matter how delicate sounds clear.I am finding it hard to desribe and do it justice. The rosewood bowl is worth the extra, and the maple strips look increadible!!!The wait was well worth." (Mohammadi Bros Barbat)
Bodhi from England

"The Oud sounds great. I have been impressed by the quality of the sound (as have some other more accomplished oud players in town). I'm also glad it is a 13 string. I was worried that it might be hard to adjust to the extra pair strings, but I got used to it rather quickly, and it makes things much easier. Since I play music from traditions from Iran to the Balkans, the extra strings are critically important for dealing with unusual keys. This is especially important for the Iranian modes, which often use G as the tonic/forud.

The custom sets of strings are also excellent. They are definitely better than other sets I've used in the past. One interesting thing is that they sound quite different on the Oud as compared to the Barbat. Thanks for developing these sets. Someone needed to do that!"

Kamran Scot Aghaie from Texas, USA


"Living in Cameroon for a few month, I can say that internet payment and delivery between central Africa and Europe isn't an easy process. During it, the team of Oriental Instruments has been all along both patient and comprehensive regarding all the difficulties that internet transactions can imply, and was able to provide advice in order to deliver a good solution for both parties. Purchase with Oriental Instrument was been a delight, and I strongly recommend them."

Arthur M.


"I don't know what kind of magic you used, but your package with the book/CDs arrived here this morning, all in great condition! Thank you so much for quick work. It's very much appreciated."

Chris From Chicago


Dear Morty,
the oud arrived safely! Well, you are certainly not getting it back!!! Playability is excellent and sound very rich with great potential! I have several ouds of very prestigious parentage, and this one is as good as any of them but with a subtle something different.... maybe because it's iranian....? Thanks for this!

Glynn From Germany 01-10-2015


"Dear Morty,

since one week, I'm getting close to the Mohammadi Bros. custom oud, you sold me, and I'm very happy with it!
From the beginning on, I loved it's well balanced, noble sound, but yesterday, after changing the strings, I was very surprised about it's growing and getting more bright! Really phantastic!
I like the exellence of woodwork as well as the design specialitys of Mohammadi. The special kind of saddle to mention one, is really able to make tuning more smooth and precise ...
Thank you for a good deal!

All the best,
Sebastian from Germany" 10-02-2016

"Morty received me at his home, where I tried several beautifully made ouds and barbats. I longly hesitated between two ouds from Yahya Astarakie. Finally I bought the London Plane model. The sound and the craftmanship are both really great. I received the oud at home a few days after ordering, very well packed in a good case. I recommend orientalinstrument.com for the quality of its service and the beautiful choice of instruments it offers."

Best regards,
Gaspard from France 25-02-2016


 "Hi Morty
Many thanks to you for your excellent service - it came as quickly as it would have done from a British retailer, and while my dustpan and brush is still feeling the strain from clearing up all those little green foam things, I can't fault your commitment to ensuring the oud remained safe and secure in transit.
The oud sounds amazing, the sound-sample on your site do no justice to be honest.
Tim from Engeland" 20-04-2016


 DEAR Morty,

The oud I ordered was delivered today. I felt it important to write to you as I am absolutely delighted with it - thank you. May I also say how delighted I have been with the service you company has provided in my purchase of this oud.

Best regards,
Jim from Finland" 25-04-2016


I can't describe how happy I am right now.
I just got the oud and it arrived in perfect condition. It is a real beauty...
Thank you so much for making buying it such a graceful process.
Please feel free to use my name as a reference. I'll be more than happy to share my experience to reassure future buyers if need be.
I am very grateful to you.

E. Lulamiere From US 16-05-2016

 Dear Morty,

I happily received my rishas today. Very fast shipping and a good price for the quality! Due to the lack of shops/retailers selling oud related items in Europe I would like to personally commend you on your initiative. Keep up the great work, I will be ordering from you in the future.

Best regards,
Mohamed Sabba 05-05-2016


Hallo Morty,
I was glad to meet you.Thank you very much for your welcome.I'm very happy with the gheychak.I play every day.Instrument of excellent quality!

Availability and professional service!

Thanks for all

Best regards,
Emanuelle L. From Canada 02-07-2016


Hi Morty,

I just wanted to let know that the setar looks and sounds great. I really appreciate your professionalism and helpfulness. I still could not believe how securely this setar was packed. I also am grateful to you for making it possible for us to have access to such high quality instruments.

I am ready to place my next order :)


Ramin from Philadelphia USA 10-07-2016


After his trial... Most of the time, reality does not quite measure up to expectations but in this case, they are exceeded.

G. from USA 15-07-2016


Morty. The Oud is fantastic. Beautiful sound. Great sustain. It almost seems to play itself. I couldn't be happier. It has really added musicality to my playing and I just can't put it down. I really appreciate what a great job you do at Oriental instruments getting fine instruments into the hands of people like me. maybe another oud down the road some day. Maybe a dream......... Rich.

Rich O. From Minnesota, USA 12-06-2016


What sets you apart from all the others is that you're truly trying to find a good home for each and every one of the exceptional instruments that have the good fortune to pass through your showroom. You did all the hard work for me by finding only the highest quality instrument and then providing me a no-pressure environment to play them all to my heart's content. When I visited you, I felt like I was hanging out with a bunch of old friends who had my back.

~Greg P. - Isreal 09-05-2016


This oud is equally impressive as the quality of business you are running. I was of course struck by the incredible collection and the superior way each oud is presented. In every communication the same high standards were evident -- the most knowledgeable, professional, fair and responsive dealer I have yet to encounter.

John Z. - Australia 23-04-2016


Salâm dear Morty,

khoubi chetori?

I am really satisfied with the two ‘oud.

take care,
Khodâ Hâfez,

Titi Robin From France 24-08-2016 (https://www.facebook.com/titi.robin/?fref=ts)



 Hello from little old Adelaide in South Australia. Love your work Morty. Some one asked me last week where would you like to go overseas if you could. My answer was...Oriental Instruments.

~A. Armstrong - South Australia 23-09-2016

I'm a professional guitar player and own about 25 Guitars. I just fell in love with Mohammadi Bros Robabs and wanted to have one and start playing fusion music with some oriental music influences. First time buying at Oriental Instruments and I have to tell I'm very impressed by the peoples who work in this store. I was interested by Mohammadi Bros Robab and wanted to order one, so I sent a message asking more details of the Robab, and 10 minutes after, I got an answer from Morty. I asked more questions in an another email and Morty answered me in the evening at 10pm !!! So I was in a very trusty relationship with this guy and made the order in the evening. At 11pm, an email from Morty who told me "Thank's Arnaud and congratulations, this Robab will be send as soon as it is been built". I received also other kind messages during the process of building for details. I received the Robab 1.5 year after and all was perfect as described by Morty. Also very fast delivery ! So, this is the first time I buy at this store and probably not the last ! Thank's Morty!

Arnaud From Chilli 23-09-2016


Dear Morty
Thank you for this gorgeous piece of art!
I'm looking forward to dealing with you again. Where can I leave a comment on the Oud? This Oud is gorgeous I really like it.
Saoud Al. From UAE 04-05-2017

After a day with this beast I have to ask one question. Do instruments get better than this? I'm amazed how much sound it puts out and how good it sounds. It's way better than (...my others). This Gheychak is amazing. Thanks for steering me in the right direction Morty...this is the sound I've been after for a long time.

Steve F. from LA. 20-05-2017


Thank you Morty for all your advice! The sound of this beauty is distinctive and very beautiful!

Mohamed Al M. From UAE 14-07-2017


I have contact with Orientalinstruments since a year ago.
In this time sometimes I bought strings, rishas and talk a lot with Morty about persian ouds with the intention of buying one in the future.
Recently, I bought from him a very beautiful persian barbat. What can I say... it´s a delicious instrument, absolutely musical, subtle and powerful.

The relation with Morty always has been a pleasure, I am really grateful for the excellent attention that I have received every time from him.
My experience with Orientalinstruments has been very satisfying, in this unique shop of Persian musical instruments you can find wonderful and very special instruments and an absolutely professional treatment.
Thanks again, Morty.
Manolo Rosa from Spain 21-09-2017